Day 4. Off to Namibia

After a long-long break which was caused by many reasons I still want to continue my Namibian journal =)

For those who missed the previous days:

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At 7 a.m. we were sitting in the bus, ready for the start of our big Namibian journey. We didn’t really know the people we were going to travel with and were still very tired from three active days in South Africa, but nevertheless very excited about the upcoming trip.

Our guide had announced our first destination, which was quite… hmm… non-trivial for the morning, but good for getting to know each other better. We were heading to the wine tasting. Not a bad start of a long day in the bus. Yes, actually traveling across Namibia by bus means 5-7 hours of driving almost every day. So we needed a lot of fun in between and a great guide on board to start liking it. Our guide’s name was Jacques and I will for sure tell more about him later.

In a couple of hours we arrived at a beautiful wine estate where we were welcomed by an old lady who invited us to drink a glass of sparkling wine and told about the history of the place and different wines. We skipped it, because as we say in Russia ‘Only aristocrats and degenerates drink champagne in the morning’. However, we still joined a real team building session when tasting five different wines of all different colors. Well, the experience was fun and it for sure helped us to get a bit closer to the members of our group.

Beautiful wine estate

And here is our first group photo after the wine team building session:

Our international group. People from 9 countries: UK, Ireland, Canada, Germany, US, Scotland, Switzerland, Russia, Malasia

As we had a long-long way ahead of us we had to be really organized. And Jacques was the right person to insure that everyone comes on time. In his past he had worked as a chef in the South-African army, so he knew firsthand about good timing. He had overall a perfect combination of features for a guide: from one side he was the heart and the soul of every party, from the other, however, he performed as a fair, strict and caring father.


In the bus Jacques was entertaining us telling the history of South Africa and Namibia or playing a quiz with questions such as: “Who was the first president of Namibia?” or “How many official languages are there in South Africa?” When we were tired from the intellectual part he would just start singing songs, dancing, joking or making fun of us.

On the way

Taking a break from a long bus drive with a view at the Rooibos tea plantations

In order to come on time to our first accommodation we skipped big lunch on that day and went to a super market to buy some snacks. This is what we saw there:

After several hours of driving we arrived to our next stop, the Bird Island, famous for its Cape Gannets who used to be an important source of guano that was collected on the island for fertilizer from 1888 until 1990. Such a huge amount of Gannets (reaching 25000 at certain times) looked very impressive. Behind them one could also see the seagulls colony.

Waves at the Bird Island

Gannets’ Love

Yeah, it’s a huge colony =)

And I was so fascinated that I couldn’t stop taking pictures of them

There are also many seals behind

Sleeping seal

Sleeping Seal

In the evening we finally arrived at Lambert’s Bay where we were staying in a small but very nice and cosy guest house. We had a dinner in an open-air restaurant at the ocean. The restaurant didn’t look like these posh places at the seaside. Its interior was basically made of wooden benches and tables Its interior was basically sand, ocean and beautiful sunset. There was no menu, but a variety of the tastiest sea fish. Everyone could try everything. We sat there watching the sunset and enjoying our great meal and wine…

Very empty beach

A bit of romance

…and a bit more

Michael and ocean

Our second great guide Hannelie

The trip to Namibia was the honeymoon journey for this nice German couple

Our excellent cook

It was just the best and most romantic place to be and it was one of the many happy moments we had during our trip. We spent the rest of the evening having fun with our group at the guesthouse and I thought that it was just a perfect start of the journey together with these cool and relaxed people. To be continued…

Real honeymoon photo =)


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