Go out of your comfort zone!

I was really impressed by the photos in the blog In Search of Balance. I guess many of you have already seen them, as it was in today’s Freshly Pressed section. The title of the post has attracted my attention and the post itself turned out just to be amazing, demonstrating how important it is to leave your comfort zone, do something crazy and unexpected in order to become happier.

The best things in my life happened when I got off my backside and did something that was hard, scary or just inconvenient at the moment.

Me coming out of the comfort zone

When I was still studying I got a call from my professor, who asked me whether I would like to spend a month working in a summer camp with psychological trainings for children. I had never done any trainings before and I had no idea how to deal with children. I didn’t even know if children like me or not. Moreover, when I got that call, I had a week to decide and to organize a visa, as the camp was in Bulgaria.

I chose to risk it and I will never regret it. This was a great month and then another great month followed after it, because I was invited to the next camp. Afterwards I got my first serious job at a training company. Moreover, I found out that spending time with children, organizing some activities for them and just having fun with them made me very happy. I have never felt so much warmth at once!

Always when you feel that something is getting boring, tiring or too comfortable, get out or think how to change it! Once I received an offer to become a PR manager at an international software company. I had never done PR or marketing before, I was not sure if I could write press-releases in English and I didn’t know what is awaiting me there. However I thought I could give it a try. And it worked out! I had a cool job! As a PR manager I traveled a lot, to London, Barcelona, Amsterdam, participated in the big conferences, wrote press-releases and had a lot of fun being a part of young, creative and active team.

My photography passion has also started many years ago with a small challenge. One day I just realized that I need to do something new, something that I would not dare to do. And I dared: I decided to get acquainted with the photographers to pose them. It was not always comfortable to contact unknown people asking them whether they would like to take pictures of me (and I’m not a supermodel). But in the end I’ve got acquainted with so many wonderful people! Some of them are my very good friends now. Moreover, I started taking pictures by myself and realized that I thoroughly enjoy it. As a result you can see this blog =)

I got where I am because it was uncomfortable. I had to leave my job, my friends and my city to come to Munich and start studying for the second time in my life (after gaining my first Diploma I said I would never do it again). And although it’s sometimes very hard to change I would prefer this to the routine.


5 thoughts on “Go out of your comfort zone!

  1. I think the more we challenge ourself in life the more rounded individuals we become. I think we all have to step out of our comfort zone. The future is full of new things just waiting to be explored.

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