To start with

The idea to start this blog popped up suddenly during our last vacation. Our journey was already coming to the end and it was so fantastic that I thought nothing can spoil it, when an accident has occured. A young woman died in front of our eyes in the middle of the desert. The day after we were sitting in the bus having another 7 hours drive, I was looking into the window at the neverending desert landscape and was really overwhelmed by different thoughts running through my head. And then I felt that I want to share all these feelings, impressions, events with others.

It’s not the first blog that I’m starting but I hope it will be the better one. I love taking pictures and I like the stories behind them. Our tour guide in Nambibia called me Mamarazza because of my photography passion. He was always struggling to get me back into the bus when I was running around with my camera. That’s why I decided to give this name to my blog. It’s just who I am: always full of energy, excited by thousand of things at the same time, enthusiastic mamarazza.

I still don’t know where this blog will lead me. I will start it as a travel journal with photos from our Namibian vacation. I hope I will keep on traveling next year and have some other cool destinations to tell about. What I admire about other blogs is seeing how its authors develop and change over time, what bothers them in their everyday lives and how they deal with different challenges. It’s the most exciting part of every blog, I guess, and this is what I also will try to reflect in my new blog writing attempt.

And just a couple of words about myself. A bit more than two years ago I moved from Saint Petersburg to Munich to study at the Learning Sciences Master’s program and to live with my boyfriend. It was actually quite a challenge for me, as I have never lived in the foreign country before and had no idea how it would work out. My German was also far from perfect at that time. So I literally had to start my life from scratch and the first steps of this new life were to: learn German, find friends, finish my studies, get used to the new country, get a job. Today I live in Berlin with my boyfriend, as he had to move here because of his job. I can speak German fluently, finished my studies and started working here. And although there is still a room for improvement, I’m happy to be where I am now and curious about what comes next.

And here I am. Nice to meet you!



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